“School Uniforms as Educational Material. Wearing Education”.In collaboration with Akashi School Uniform Company, we started to develop school uniforms on September 4.

We have started to develop school uniforms, including patterns with motifs of endangered species, in cooperation with Akashi School Uniform Company, Inc.
We will provide students with the opportunity to learn about biodiversity and the SDGs through the uniforms they wear every day at school.

Our goal is to contribute to a truly sustainable educational environment by thinking and acting together as members of social education, rather than leaving Nature Positive and SDGs education to schools.

This project is developed from three perspectives: SDGs perspective for children’s future, active learning created with students, and CLASS EARTH’s own coverage of social good points of schools that nurture a sustainable earth, which will be published in Nature Positive Magazine (an on-demand media about biodiversity).

And with the durability to be worn every day for three years and the scope to adapt to change, Japanese school uniforms are an industry to be proud of worldwide.
Uniforms that offer quality and design, and that can also be used as educational materials, bring new value.

For more information about this initiative, product overview, and contact information, please visit CLASS EARTH’s official website and contact form.
This uniform release is part of CLASS EARTH’s commitment to biodiversity conservation, and we will continue our efforts to improve the global environment.

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