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We support the Sustainable Development Goals

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  • Sustainability policy development support


We provide fulfillment services (e-commerce logistics and shipping agency) to over 4,200 e-commerce businesses. Leveraging our accumulated expertise, we not only offer an environment where sellers can focus on sales but also actively promote initiatives that contribute to revenue growth, such as offline integration, support for overseas sales, and efforts towards advanced, efficient, and manpower-saving measures through the utilization of DX (Digital Transformation), AI, and robotics. We cater to a wide range of clients, from startup e-commerce businesses with just one shipment to major e-commerce players.

We are committed to supporting the formulation of sustainability policies for logistics companies, such as Exceek Co., Ltd., which are proactively promoting mechanization to address the logistics challenges of 2024 and striving for optimal collaboration between humans and robots. We will continue to consider the sustainability of the evolving e-commerce industry. CLASS EARTH itself aims to collaborate through its own e-commerce operations to provide fulfillment and delivery services that not only meet people’s needs but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

eqseek Co.,Ltd.


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