Introducing Endangered Tea®️ – Available from New Year’s Day. Additionally, it will be featured at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo starting January 15th as the inaugural partner.

To support environmental conservation and children’s education towards achieving Nature Positivity (restoration of biodiversity), we are launching the sale of Endangered Tea®️.
This tea, facing the threat of extinction due to changes in the production environment, is gathered with the goal of promoting awareness and action for Nature Positivity.
Understanding why endangered species are currently at risk provides a catalyst for transforming our behavior.
Through Endangered Tea, we aim to educate and encourage collective thinking about social challenges in Japanese agriculture and work towards solutions.
Japan, designated as one of the 36 biodiversity hotspots worldwide, features the unique ecosystem of ‘Satoyama’ – traditional rural landscapes.

Japanese tea, with its ancient roots, not only contributes to the preservation of Satoyama but also plays a role in cultural conservation.
Despite the increasing number of households without teapots in modern Japan, we aspire to convey the true taste and charm of Japanese tea to both adults and children.
We are committed to using loose tea leaves instead of disposable tea bags and promoting the sale of reusable bags made from organic cotton. Furthermore, our packaging materials include FSC-certified paper and traditional Japanese paper, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund Japan (WWF Japan).


The inaugural establishment is Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, which has preserved a Japanese garden for over 100 years.

Embracing the mission to remain an oasis needed in any era, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo undertakes initiatives such as creating environments conducive to firefly nurturing, preserving nature, historical sites, culture, and embodying the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

Amidst the rich and ever-changing nature that reflects the four seasons, along with historical landmarks that evoke a sense of history, one can connect with the culture and ecosystems cherished by the Japanese since ancient times, even while in the heart of the city.

We are pleased to announce that starting from January 15th (Monday), Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s shop will feature and support biodiversity conservation through CLASS EARTH’s endangered tea.

The New Year’s garden showcases approximately 2,300 camellia flowers of around 100 varieties in full bloom.
Exploring this magnificent garden allows one to cultivate a sense of appreciation for Japan’s ecosystems, especially when accompanied by the endangered tea.

The packaging adopts modern bonsai art as a symbol of sustainability.

What we have incorporated into the packaging is the bonsai art from ‘Kengo Bonsai Gallery.’ Bonsai, which can thrive beautifully for centuries with human care, is globally recognized for its inherent value.

In this sustainable art, a testament to the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature, we have imbued the wish for the preservation and prosperity of endangered tea.

Kengo Bonsai Gallery


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